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  • social media for real estate professionals, worth it?
  • what should I expect from using social media, will I get a ton of leads?
  • name recognition and blending your personal and professional brand
  • what to post as an agent, what’s interesting?



Are you using Social Media? No clue what to do?

In this video, I break down the types of social media, and how a real estate agent can specifically use each one. It might be time consuming, but when used properly, it can help a real estate professional get their name out to their local audience consistently. And, it can keep awareness that you are a real estate agent when you post real life articles and photos about your day-to-day life as an agent. Let’s get real first though.

Social Media is great for marketing. Not lead generation.

Look. So many agents discount social media and wonder why they aren’t getting phone calls directly from their profiles. Well, social media is a way to get impressions (how many people see what your posting), and get your name out which is your personal brand. Social media allows you to tell a story and describe your brand even more. Then, the more people connect with you, the more they trust you, which could end up leading to a sale, a referral or another opportunity. Social media should not be discounted in your overall marketing plan.

Social Media lets everyone know that you are a real estate agent.

Do we sometimes forget the careers of our acquaintances? Well, it happens because many people have careers that they leave at the office each day. As a real estate professional to another, we all know that our job is never done and that we often work strange hours to complete contracts and negotiations. Plus, it tends to never leave our minds either. Will we sell this property? Will I find a buyer? So, showing what you do in a really authentic way on social media can remind your friends (and friends of friends) that you are an agent and a friend too.

Examples of things to post on social media as a real estate professional:

  • pictures of recently sold properties
  • pictures of new listings
  • videos of new listings
  • current market activities
  • open houses

Social Media can help you network.

  • title companies
  • moving companies
  • photographers
  • cleaners
  • lenders

 Posting on social media helps you get to the top of Google Searches too.

There’s so much more to learn. This is just the very tip of the iceberg.

‘Til the next time. – Lana